Another Beatles post #2

I picked up the book A Hard Day’s Write: The Stories Behind Every Beatles Song by Steve Turner, and in the preface he described what the book is not, and then what it is (basically only the story behind the songs). In describing what it is not, he pointed the reader to other books. That is what this post is about, a few other Beatles books of interest as Steve Turner sees fit to describe what is not in his book.

This is post two (as the subject suggests). The first goes back a little over a year, it was about Beatles albums that did not make Rolling Stone’s top 500 albums of all time, read that post: Another Beatles post.

The first one is the one that would interest me the most, but it seems to be difficult to find now!

All are linked to Wikipedia’s ISBN book search (from which library catalogues from around the world and more can be searched), save for the first, which goes to the Wikipedia article about the book itself.

Who played on what session: The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions by Mark Lewisohn, who is apparently the world’s leading Beatles expert!

Musicological take: Twilight of the Gods, by Wilfrid Mellers or Revolution in the Head by Ian McDonald

What Paul was saying: Paul McCartney: From Liverpool To Let it Be by Howard DeWitt

John’s intellectual development: The Art and Music of John Lennon by John Robertson or John Lennon’s Secret by David Stuart Ryan.


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