Spring cleaning: Best synthline of 2011

Spring cleaning!

I have numerous posts that I started, and ended up as drafts, never to be published, so, with this spring cleaning feature, some of them will get to see the light of day! And by that I mean get read by a few people on the internet!

This post was one I meant to post a few weeks into this year, as I did not do a best of 2011 list (as I mention in the post), but I never really finished it properly.

I am writing this presently not knowing exactly how many drafts I have that were posts in progress that I stopped working on, or gave up on (or forgot!), but surely I have a few others. I may polish them off a little, but for the most part, I will leave them closer to draft than a post ready to be published. This one I pretty much finished as it was almost done (music geek alert on this one!). So, without further ado, spring cleaning post one:

Okay, this could be my post about selling out, as it features only very much commercial music. However there are some good aspects to some, and some talented people behind them, producers, and the like, but still far from quality singer-songwriter stuff, or music made by a mere handful or less of people. Regardless, a lot of people like this, that is why it is commercial, and sells (why, that could be another post!).

I did not do a post about the best music of 2011, as I did not feel I had a chance to listen to enough, so this post was in my head, over a month late though, oh well!

I also do listen to electronic music, however not enough to have any specific synth line/part stick out (and we generally hear the commercial stuff played way too many times!).


Without a doubt, the best for me is Lady Gaga’s “Judas”. Commencing 22 (or at :56 in the music video) seconds in mixed with kick drum takes it, hands down. The hard kick definitely helps! I will avoid going too much in-depth, but the sheer amount of synth in this, and differentiating synths and effects is impressive. There is even some retro 80s sounding synth buried in there! I’d definitely love to hear the isolated tracks of this one! “Judas” is either 124 or 130 BPM.


I am a little biased, so I give the number two spot to Britney Spears’ “Till the World Ends” (take note, it is till, not ’til, how it should be!). Pre-chorus starting at :39 is pretty good, as it is just Britney singing (with some auto-tune) over the synth. The chorus, if it can be called that (Whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh oh, etc), is good too, starting at :54. All in all a good one, with a standard song structure, just a bit messed up with the aforementioned chorus, and the song title is not sung until the end. As per the sheet music, “moderately fast with solid backbeat”, 132 BPM. Ke$ha was one of the songwriters on this one.


I say I am biased, as I gave Britney number two, when it should have been Jennifer Lopez’s “On the Floor”. Starting at :44 (based on the music video) is cool, and then the kick drum. I could do without Pitbull’s rapping, that’s where the instrumental version comes in! The main slow synth, 1:47 and other instances is not so bad, ambient if anything. “On the Floor” is 130 BPM.

“Judas” and “On the Floor” were both produced by RedOne (Lady Gaga co-produced her track). While “Till the World Ends” was produced by Dr. Luke, Max Martin, and Billboard (who is apparently from Montreal! I need to bug him to show me the ropes of electronic music, again, another story!).


Number four is Dev’s “In the Dark”. This one is good throughout, however, at 1:13 – 1:24 (based on the single, also 2:11 – 2:25, or when she sings the verse starting with “On my waist, through my hair”) is a cool bass synth bit (It is actually used at the start of the song too, but the latter two either are slightly different, an effect added or removed, I cannot say for sure!). Oh, and 2:47 – 3:05 is good too, with some analog sounds in there too! The horn track heard in the track is reminiscent of “Calabria 2007” by Enur feat. Natasja. And this is another good one for the instrumental (that is how I picked up the specific parts I liked)! The main bassline during the verses MAY even be a REAL bass guitar! BPM here is 120.

Honourable mention to Rihanna’s “We Found Love” ft. Calvin Harris, for the ascending synth right after the chorus (or “We found love in a hopeless place x 4) the first time. And also one more time towards the end. I am guessing his name was attached to sell records. Aside from writing and producing, he is not singing on the track to my knowledge! “We Found Love” clocks in at 120 BPM.

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