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I try not to let too much time elapse between blog posts (subscribe to the RSS feed to stay up to date!), but I have not been doing a very good job this year. With that in mind, I thought I’d fill the void till my next full post with a post of a few of my music video picks. Although I try to be informative, and add some links in too!

I do not do posts like this often, in fact very rarely, if at all, since I started doing a music video every day on Twitter (the aptly titled Music Video of the Day or #MVOD!). Regardless, I do watch a few music videos now and then, of music that interests me, so here is a few I have watched recently.

Ren Harvieu – Open Up Your Arms:

Only just discovered her, and have only heard/seen this video. Kind of soulful pop. Not bad! This is from her debut album. She is English. From Broughton in Greater Manchester. And another talent discovered via the web!

Selah Sue – This World:

Now, moving not too far geographically, to Belgium. This is from her self-titled debut album from last year. However she did release a couple of EPs, one in 2008, and then in 2010. She has songwriting credits on all songs on her debut album save for one, and a few just by her. As Wikipedia says she turned down a record deal as she wanted to sing her own songs. Her debut was released on the independent record label Just Because. “This World” is a pretty cool mélange of genres!

Ida Maria – Quite Nice People:

Very nice mellow tune from Ida Maria, who I quite like! Ida is Norwegian, and this is from her second album, Katla. And she will be the topic of a blog post in the not too distant future!

Cherri Bomb – Let It Go:

And now for something that rocks! This is from their very recently released (May 15) debut, This is the End of Control. I hope to check out the album soon, and I will write-up a review once I have given it a few good listens. The Allmusic review says how they are a “straight-ahead rock band with talent, a rarity in the 2010s no matter how old or what sex the people in the band are.” And speaking of sex, they are not using it to sell records, aside from the fact they are probably good looking, but no excess cleavage, and the like.

You may have noticed all my picks are female artists, well, yes, I am a sucker for the ladies. Go check out a blog I follow, for more great female indie artists! And follow the blog on the Twitter!

For good measure, Emeli Sandé’s “Next To Me”. ‘Cause she is pretty awesome! Enough said!

(Assuming you did not get here via the direct link to this post, you have found the ‘Easter egg’ of this blog post (not like it was that hard, but I did not advertise the rest of the post ‘after the jump’ as I think they say)! Perhaps more Easter eggs to come?

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