FREE Montreal concerts!

Last year I meant to highlight more free shows, but, more than likely laziness got the best of me, so I will get something done now!

The Fringe Festival is once again underway for 2012, and with all the theatre shows comes some free music in Fringe Park, what is actually called Parc des Ameriques. (Speaking of the Fringe Festival, Go see my friend Clint’s production, Adopolis: or Socrates, Party Animal with 6 shows, starting this Saturday night!)

Kristen Bussandri

Tomorrow, Saturday, at 8 PM, Kristen Bussandri gets things going. She is a Toronto born, and now Montreal based country/folk/bluegrass singer, whose tunes are quite laid back and mellow. Check out her debut EP, Diamonds to Dust over at her Bandcamp page. She will also be performing next Wednesday, the 20th at Terrace Ste-Ambroise, an early show, from 5-7 PM, which is nice, right next to the Lachine Canal (their beer is good, but unfortunately as it is an exterior terrace (most are!), beer is sold in plastic glasses, which I dislike, and I am not sure if they recycle them, hopefully. She will also headline a show at La Sala Rossa July 16. And rumour has it she will be working on a star-studded debut album this Fall!

Carolyn Mark

The Montreal Folk Fest on the Canal (Montreal Festival Folk sur le Canal in French, hey I could use the search engine hits!) is underway, Peter Yarrow of Peter Paul and Mary fame played earlier tonight, but Saturday and Sunday are the big days. Numerous acts are playing, including Bent by Elephants, Plants and Animals, and Les Soeurs Boulay (who just played the Francofolies!). Also playing is Joey Wright and Carolyn Mark. I am not sure who Joey Wright is, but Carolyn Mark is a great alt-country singer-songwriter who has been at it for over 10 years now! Before she embarked on her solo career she played with Neko Case as The Corn Sisters! So if you like Neko Case, which you should, Carolyn Mark is definitely worth checking out!

The Folk Fest is free, but VIP tickets can be purchased. Here is the complete schedule. Unfortunately their website could use some work (hint hint), so to check out artists (sounds, etc), you will just have to Google.

Speaking of mellow folk/country, Sarah Jane Scouten plays Fringe Park next Thursday at 6 PM. She opened for The Jimmyriggers a few months back (a show I previewed!), and was quite good! Listen to her at her Soundcloud page.

Next Saturday and Sunday, Fringe Pop takes over Fringe Park, with Elgin Skye and Caroline Keating playing, among others! View their complete listings.

View the complete listings of Fringe Park.

Also, the Jazz Fest (Montreal International (yup, international!) Jazz Festival) begins soon, June 27 to July 7. Officially it starts June 28, but Janelle Monáe (and a couple of others play the 27th), so they needed a reason to jack up the ticket prices, although they would probably have been pricey anyway, as she is a hot ticket. Rufus Wainwright is the big opening show (June 28), and Chromeo the big closing show (July 7). The free show I most anticipate is Canadian hip hop icon Maestro Fresh Wes July 6, that will be sweet, and no doubt, my backbone will slide! Although a paid show, I cannot wait for Nellie McKay July 2. I only discovered her soon after her last and only Montreal show in 2004, in short she rules, and Nellie if you are reading this, do contact me so I can propose!

And be sure to bookmark my just updated Montreal Concert Listings page, which features all sorts of local shows, and shows of interest to me!


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