Songs of summer 2012?

Quite the impromptu post!

I do not believe I have truly had a proper song that I associated with summer since the awesome “Intergalactic” by the Beastie Boys. The same may be true for this summer, time will tell (Winter songs for my readers south of the equator!)! However here are some candidates:

My nomination is Chiddy Bang’s “Mind Your Manners.” I have been listening to it since probably late last year at some point when it was first released, but only recently was it released as an official single from their debut album Manners, with a proper music video (they had an unoffical one prior). Plus I Tweeted about it!

The author of a blog post likened this as their summer 2012 song, even if he/she would be sick of it come September:

A Colbert Report bit today joked the Supreme Court voted in favour 5-4 that this is the song of the summer. I have not really listened to it, save for snippets of it heard all over the place:

Feel free to comment, or tweet me if there are any glaring omissions, and perhaps I will update this post!

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