Oh Land – Oh Land review

As I mentioned two posts back in my 5 Year, 1 month anniversary of this blog!, I am planning on writing an album review every two days for the month of July (a review every day is a bit too much for me!). Partly to celebrate the anniversary, but moreso to get back to writing more reviews! Sometimes quality is better than quantity when it comes to practise.

I am not the biggest fan of writing reviews, as I feel I am not great at elaborating how I feel. The reviews over at allmusic are quite good. Then again, even the reviews at Rolling Stone can be quite short. Regardless, some reviews will be fairly short, while others will be written about albums I have not listened to very much (I prefer to write about albums I know well, hence another reason for not writing too many — by the time I know the album well, it has been out for a while!).

With that in mind, I am fairly good at differentiating good music from not so good music (whether I like it or not, I generally still know if it is musically good or not). Therefore I can give a fairly unbiased review.

If you the reader have any album you want me to review, use the contact page, or mention me in a tweet (@tmmblog) with the album in question.

On with the first review!

This is Oh Land‘s second album, but her commercial breakout outside of her native Denmark.

Unlike the very catchy speedy debut single, “Sun of a Gun”, much of the album is quite laid back. However the electropop/dance feel of “Sun of a Gun” is the main feel for the entire album (drum programming and string arrangements).

Oh Land, or Nanna Øland Fabricius if going by her actual name, actually is a singer-songwriter, despite what one may think when it comes to much pop today. She wrote her entire debut, Fauna, and has songwriting credit on all of the songs from her eponymous effort, along with a single additional writer per track (save for “We Turn It Up” which has two).

Some of the standout tracks are ones that actually did not see a release as a single. “Human” being an up-tempo number with string arrangements within. The aforementioned laid back tracks, the opener “Perfection”, clocking in just under five minutes, “Break the Chain” (with its almost trip hop elements), “Lean”, and “Rainbow” make for an interesting listen. “Helicopter”, without her vocals in the verses could be almost mistaken for a Radiohead tune from the Kid A/Amnesiac period.

All in all, as a whole, the album makes for an entertaining and enjoyable listen, but I find the arrangements as a whole are not greatest. However as it was Oh Land herself that did much of the instrumentation, and string arrangements on two tracks, so kudos to her, along with songwriting!


4 thoughts on “Oh Land – Oh Land review

  1. Oh Land is Amazing I love her. Wolf & I was my personal favorite. It was really creepy and eery, but it was like she was telling a story. Great Review!

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