Ida Maria – Katla review

Ida Maria’s sophomore effort, starts off quite slower than her debut. Her debut (Fortress Round My Heart) started with the very infectious “Oh My God”, while, Katla starts off with “Quite Nice People”. Despite it being a slow one, it still manages to remain upbeat!

The rocking is there though, track two, “Bad Karma” delivers. As with “Cherry Red”, which would fit perfectly on her first album. “I Eat Boys Like You for Breakfast” would fit well on her first set as well, with memorable lyrics such as: “I eat boys like you for breakfast. Where’s my knife and fork now?” and with its well placed horn section.

Variety is the spice of life, and this album definitely has variety. “10 000 Lovers” is a fun romper, the bridge being sung quickly in Ida’s native Norwegian. “Devil” is an adventurous track, clocking in just under 10 minutes! The lyrics only last as long as a more or less typical song that may be dragged on a bit, around 4.5 minutes, and from that point on it is all instrumental. Perhaps a tribute to classic hard rock, especially Led Zeppelin, with the lyric “and I can’t quit you, baby.” The same music of old, could be applied to the very short bluesy bonus track “Gallery”. Back in the day, blues songs were well under 3 minutes long.

Ida Maria, Rock and Roll girl!

Production duties were handled by Butch Walker who has worked with Avril Lavigne, The Donnas, Bowling for Soup, P!nk, and even Lindsay Lohan and Katy Perry. Despite his work with pop artists, I think he kept Ida Maria’s somewhat garage-y indie pop/rock style very much intact. The album length at 35 minutes would confirm that as well!

The album was titled Katla, as the Icelandic volcano eruptions had happened shortly before having recorded the album. On the cover is the Katla volcano eruption of 1918.


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