Caitlin Rose – Columbia Hotel EP review

Today’s review (number 5!), and my next one will both be folk/country EPs.

Caitlin Rose’s Columbia Hotel EP does not seem to have been an official release on its own completely. It seems it was bundled with the some of the first versions of her debut, Own Side Now. And also for sale on tour (where I picked my copy up).

Regardless, it is five songs long, two of which can be found on Own Side Now, “Own Side”, and “For the Rabbits.” Two more are covers, “Faithless Love” (written by J.D. Souther, performed by Linda Ronstadt in 1974, and Glen Campbell ten years later), and “Marie” (Randy Newman). It also contains one more original, “You Never Come Home for Christmas.”

Caitlin Rose has a very well suited voice for the genre, harking back to the old days of country, such as Patsy Cline (who she covers on her Dead Flowers EP, 2008). And her delivery is fairly straight forward, which works well, as she does not need any sort of theatrics to add anything to the music.

Arrangements are fairly minimal, again, however, like her voice, that works wonders. “Own Side” is the same version as on her full length, however “For the Rabbits” is a much more laid-back version with just acoustic guitar and a little organ, whereas the album version has percussion and harmonies. Both covers she makes her own. That of course is easier to say since I only just listened to the original versions, yet most people would probably think they were her own, unless they knew the originals. Aside from Christmas being in the title of “You Never Come Home for Christmas”, one would not know it as a Christmas tune. It also features backup vocals by Keegan DeWitt prominently in the chorus.

Definitely worth seeking out (or the easier to find Dead Flowers EP, or her full-length) for fans of country/folk with a hint of Americana (even if the Americana aspect could be argued, in a world of poppy country, it is probably safe to say).


3 thoughts on “Caitlin Rose – Columbia Hotel EP review

  1. She’s an awesome artist, never more than when live. I had the good fortune to see her live at festivals five times in 2010-11! I haven’t got the ‘Columbia Hotel EP’ but (aside from Own Side) the same tracks were on a ‘bonus CD’ that came with early purchases of ‘Own Side Now’ bought from Rough Trade, London. She can make cover versions her own like nobody else…

    There is also this:
    RUG469: a 7″ produced by Domino Records, to the extent of 500 copies, for Records Store Day 2012. It is Caitlin covering Domino Recording artists The Arctic Monkeys’ Piledriver Walz and Laserquest. It is astonishing but not as much so as that which she played on her surprise (due to another artist pulling out at the last moment) second appearance at End of The Road Festival 2010.
    Her band had left the stage already and it was fast approaching midnight on the Sunday night at which point, which meant for event licensing reasons, they would ld have had to the plug on her set… so accompanying herself on acoustic she pulled out an amazing rendition of Dylan’s Tomorrow Is A Long Time.

    • Yup! Think we discussed that about a year ago, the sole time I saw her live! Saw that 7″ on Wikipedia, but yet to hear it!

      You may enjoy tomorrow’s EP review too, a local singer I enjoy, as I see you posted about Pistol Annie’s over at your blog! Although it is more similar to Caitlin than the Annie’s. And Haim, do not know them, yet!

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