Corinna Rose – Corinna Rose EP review

Review number 6 in my review every two days feature for July! Once again, if you want me to review anything, leave me a comment, mention me on Twitter, or contact me via the contact page.

As mentioned in my last review, this is another folk/country EP. Caitlin Rose two days ago leaned a bit more towards country, while this leans a bit more towards folk.

And I just realised, Corinna Rose, ends with ‘Rose’ too, and both start with the letter C, pointless really, just a random observation!

As with Caitlin Rose, Corinna Rose has a voice very well suited for her genre. And her Corinna Rose EP is a great 4 song taste of what she and her band has to offer.

Again, as with Caitlin Rose, Corinna Rose is almost a throwback to yesteryear of folk music. She (and her band) keep it fairly simple instrumentation wise, yet, the arrangements seem perfectly suited. And when I have seen her live sans her band, her material works just as well in an acoustic setting.

The EP starts off with the catchy up-tempo “Belle Guitare”, slows down for the next two, “Hymn for the Heartbreaker”, and “Amanda”, and “Born on a Mountain” picks it up again to end the EP!

“Belle Guitare” or ‘nice guitar’ in English (thanks Google Translate, even though I knew!), is a really catchy toe-tapping number, with just the right acoustic guitar, eventual bass, and percussion. Autoharp and banjo rule in “Hymn for the Heartbreaker”, in both senses of the word ‘rule’, as they are without a doubt the prominent instruments setting the mood, and they sound great together! “Born on a Mountain” perhaps the most ‘country’ tune due to the electric guitar in the mix. However with the banjo in there as well, it makes for a great folk/country hybrid.

Corinna Rose’s “Green Mountain State” was featured during the opening credits of the latest Sarah Polley film, which stars Michelle Williams, Seth Rogen, and Sarah Silverman!

Corinna is based out of Montreal, but definitely an up and coming artist to watch for, especially with her debut full-length album on the horizon (late this year or early next)!

Do check her out on Bandcamp, and her official website,!

Official video for “Hymn for the Heartbreaker”:


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