Lagwagon – A Feedbag of Truckstop Poetry EP

Having been to the Montreal stop of the Warped Tour two days ago, I was too tired out to get a review written that night. I was going to review another folk EP, to make it easier on myself after Warped Tour, it was going to be Lissie’s Why You Runnin’, but, alas I already reviewed it, and forgot! I could have expanded on the review, as the aforementioned review is not very comprehensive, but what is done is done. So, something else in the spirit of Warped Tour!

Lagwagon was one of the first major bands I saw at Warped Tour, the 1997 edition! They were actually one of, if not the last to play that night, on a small side stage next to the main stage after Pennywise!

A Feedbag of Truckstop Poetry was released in between Lagwagon’s very poppy Let’s Talk About Feelings (1998) and three years before they returned from a brief hiatus to release Blaze in 2003. And it was released as a seven inch vinyl on Fat Wreck Chords.

With the release of Let’s Talk About Feelings, but much moreso with Blaze, and especially Resolve (not to mention his solo work and other projects), Joey Cape, lead singer and songwriter for Lagwagon has really evolved into a quite a good songwriter. This seven inch is a fairly good example, and of where they would end up going musically.

With the Jawbreaker cover of “Want”, albeit a bit more punk than emo, yet still quite good, I cannot help but feel as the first track, at just over 5 minutes long is emo in of itself. “A Feedbag Of Truckstop Poetry” would fit well on the aforementioned Let’s Talk About Feelings. I am not sure when these songs were recorded, so perhaps that may not be a surprise!

All songs can be found on the Lagwagon compilation album, Let’s Talk About Leftovers from 2000. In September of last year, Fat Wreck Chords/Lagwagon re-released their first five album with plenty of bonus tracks.


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