New music – Propagandhi – Failed States

Worth noting (from

“Failed States” released today!

Welcome to the new and improved Propagandhi website, which has been overhauled by the one and only Derek “Hog” Hogue! It’s now September 4th which is the official release of the new Propagandhi recording entitled “Failed States.” We’re really excited about this one and we hope you are as well!!

Their second album recorded with a second guitarist, and after one listen, sounding just as good as Supporting Caste!

Listen to the title track:

Be sure to check them out live, they put on a killer show!

Upcoming dates (visit their official site for all the additional information):

September 25: London, ON
September 26: Toronto, ON
September 27: Ottawa, ON
September 28: Montreal, QC (I’ll be there!)
September 29: Chicoutimi, QC
September 30: Quebec City, QC

October 2: Cambridge, MA
October 3: New York City, NY
October 4: New York City, NY
October 5: Philadelphia, PA
October 6: Baltimore, MD
October 7: Pittsburgh, PA
October 9: Cleveland Heights, OH
October 10: Detroit, MI
October 11: Buffalo, NY

October 27: Atlanta, GA
October 28: Gainesville, FL
October 29: Charleston, SC
October 30: Greensboro, NC
November 1: Virginia Beach, VA
November 2: Washington, D.C.
November 3: Covington, KY
November 4: St. Louis, MO
November 6: Chicago, IL
November 7: Minneapolis, MN


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