Three Good Songs (for lack of a better blog post title)

I generally tend to enjoy listening to full albums, but of course I will listen to individual songs (as time can be an issue), be it my own selection or on the radio, etc.

With that said, another short blog post, three songs and I am presently enjoying, that just happen to have music videos!

Solange is back with a new album early next year! And after her terrific second album, Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams, from 2008, I am definitely looking forward to her follow-up. She had a bit of a breakdown while recording the album, so I am not sure if that will work its way into the lyrics, but she said “this is a dance record, but the lyrics can get pretty dark at times.” The former, the dance part is apparent in the new single, “Losing You”. Also a nice video stylistically, having been shot in South Africa.

Next up, Santigold‘s second single from her sophomore album (Master of My Make-Believe), “Disparate Youth”. It has been out since March or so, yet I have only started really digging it recently.

Lastly, some noise-pop from Sleigh Bells‘ second album as well, Reign of Terror. Their debut, Treats was very well received, finding its way onto many best of 2010 lists. And it seems that is/will be the case for this year as well. I have yet to hear the new album, and have only listened to Treats once or twice, if at all. “Comeback Kid” has been out since the end of January, yet, I only checked it this past summer.

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SoundCloud Sunday – The Strombo Show

Took the ‘s’ off ‘Sunday’ (week’s one and two were SoundCloud Sundays), so, #SoundCloudSunday is the hashtag now for the Twitter folk!

Today, not a band or single artist, but a radio show, George Stroumboulopoulos‘ radio show. It can be heard live every Sunday night from 8 – 11 PM local time on CBC Radio 2, or archived on SoundCloud. He features great music spanning many genres, and of course features great Canadian music.

I am embedding his episode from September 30, which features an interview with the very awesome Canadian punk rock band Propagandhi! I saw Propagandhi live a few weeks back, and, as always, they put on a great show! This was the first time I saw them since they released their first album without John K. Samson (Today’s Empires, Tomorrow’s Ashes), who would go on to form The Weakerthans, and he also released his first solo album (Provincial) earlier this year. Todd Kowalski replaced John on bass and occasional vocal duties. Todd came from I-Spy, another Winnipeg punk band, and gave them a harder sound. Propagandhi since added David “Space Beaver” Guillas as a second guitarist (he has played on their last two albums).

Get the full playlist for the show.

George Stroumboulopoulos:

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official site

SoundCloud Sundays – Metric

Metric‘s SoundCloud page is awesome! One can listen to their entire discography, including their first album that was only released in 2007, Grow Up and Blow Away (perhaps minus b-sides). They are the only band I know of that has all their recorded output free to be listened to online (especially of commercially successful acts). I do not have their new album yet, but I hope to catch them live soon, and purchase the CD at the show.

Click on ‘Sets’, and Emily Haines’s solo stuff (Emily Haines and the Soft Skeleton). Bang Lime, the side-project of Joules Scott-Key and Josh Winstead of Metric can also be found.

A few personal choices:


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SoundCloud Sundays – Ainsley McNeaney

As promised (going back to the last post of my July ‘a review every two days’), a surprise, in the form of a new blog feature, SoundCloud Sundays! Where, every Sunday I feature a SoundCloud page, be it a band, solo artist, record label, podcast, or something else.

To kick it off, local (local being Montreal if anyone is new to this blog) baroque pop singer Ainsley McNeaney!

Ainsley McNeaney is from Toronto, but now Montreal based. All music is written and arranged by her, which is quite impressive seeing as there are many orchestral elements in the album. And her voice suits the genre perfectly!

This is her debut album, True Story Orchestra. If you like what you hear, check her out on Bandcamp, where you can buy a digital copy of the album! And since it is Bandcamp, any format desirable can be chosen, including FLAC!

Additional links after the embedded player.

Ainsley has a show Monday, October 22 here in Montreal opening for The Crackling (members of Dan Mangan). Also on the bill is Porcelaine. Check out the details on the Facebook event page.

Ainsley McNeaney:

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and on mySpace (in case anyone still uses it!)

And rumour has it, a new album is in the works!

New and future music October 2012

I am a little behind with a new (and future) music post, so once again, to start, I am highlighting some albums already out. And quite a few are Canadian, and a few Montreal releases too! So, * denotes Canadian music and ** denotes Montreal music! Please comment if I am missing some big releases worth noting, as there is so much music out there, hard to keep track of it all (hence my blog title)!

Where possible, I have added embedded music players.

(For those keeping score, I still have to get a Pop Montreal 2012 post up. Also, new weekly special feature coming Sunday the 14th!)

Out now:

*I just heard of her new album, I had no idea she had a new one! I quite enjoyed her 2011 album Honeymoon Punch, as you can read in the linked review I wrote!

*Another new Canadian album definitely worth checking out, Hannah Georgas’ second album!

**New Montreal music!

**More new Montreal music! I saw her/them open for Darelle London in late June, cool stuff!

Her fifth album, and first since 2004s Wilderness. It was released June 19. Her biggest gap between albums.

Odds are, you may have seen some of the mysterious promotional videos on YouTube before anyone knew who she was. Turns out SHE is Swedish singer-songwriter Jonna Lee. I really have not heard her stuff save for some of the promo videos, but it seems interesting since they put so much effort into advance promotion.

October 15:

**Her first new album of new material since 2008s I Know You’re Married But I’ve Got Feelings Too, and including her Edith Piaf record, Sans Fusils, Ni Souliers, à Paris: Martha Wainwright’s Piaf Record, since 2009!

November 5:

*(Crystal Castles – III)


A Fine Frenzy – Pines (October 9)
Godspeed You! Black Emperor – ‘Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend!** (October 15)
Corinna Rose – ? ** (October/November)
Christina Aguilera – Lotus (November 13)
Rihanna – Unapologetic (Album 7!) (November) fourth consecutive November with a Rihanna album — seriously, Rihanna et. al. you guys have to slow it down!


Azealia Banks
Bad Religion
Rage Against the Machine?
VV Brown
Black Sabbath

Even more.