SoundCloud Sundays – Ainsley McNeaney

As promised (going back to the last post of my July ‘a review every two days’), a surprise, in the form of a new blog feature, SoundCloud Sundays! Where, every Sunday I feature a SoundCloud page, be it a band, solo artist, record label, podcast, or something else.

To kick it off, local (local being Montreal if anyone is new to this blog) baroque pop singer Ainsley McNeaney!

Ainsley McNeaney is from Toronto, but now Montreal based. All music is written and arranged by her, which is quite impressive seeing as there are many orchestral elements in the album. And her voice suits the genre perfectly!

This is her debut album, True Story Orchestra. If you like what you hear, check her out on Bandcamp, where you can buy a digital copy of the album! And since it is Bandcamp, any format desirable can be chosen, including FLAC!

Additional links after the embedded player.

Ainsley has a show Monday, October 22 here in Montreal opening for The Crackling (members of Dan Mangan). Also on the bill is Porcelaine. Check out the details on the Facebook event page.

Ainsley McNeaney:

on SoundCloud
on Twitter
on YouTube
on Facebook
official site
and on mySpace (in case anyone still uses it!)

And rumour has it, a new album is in the works!

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