Three Good Songs (for lack of a better blog post title)

I generally tend to enjoy listening to full albums, but of course I will listen to individual songs (as time can be an issue), be it my own selection or on the radio, etc.

With that said, another short blog post, three songs and I am presently enjoying, that just happen to have music videos!

Solange is back with a new album early next year! And after her terrific second album, Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams, from 2008, I am definitely looking forward to her follow-up. She had a bit of a breakdown while recording the album, so I am not sure if that will work its way into the lyrics, but she said “this is a dance record, but the lyrics can get pretty dark at times.” The former, the dance part is apparent in the new single, “Losing You”. Also a nice video stylistically, having been shot in South Africa.

Next up, Santigold‘s second single from her sophomore album (Master of My Make-Believe), “Disparate Youth”. It has been out since March or so, yet I have only started really digging it recently.

Lastly, some noise-pop from Sleigh Bells‘ second album as well, Reign of Terror. Their debut, Treats was very well received, finding its way onto many best of 2010 lists. And it seems that is/will be the case for this year as well. I have yet to hear the new album, and have only listened to Treats once or twice, if at all. “Comeback Kid” has been out since the end of January, yet, I only checked it this past summer.

For plenty more of my music video picks, follow me on Twitter, @tmmblog, and watch for the #MVOD (Music Video of the Day) hashtag everyday!

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