#SoundCloudSunday – Jessie Ware

Jessie Ware‘s debut, Devotion, is an album I am presently listening to on high rotation (as the column on the right shows under the ‘Heavy Rotation’ heading).

She is yet another cool female singer out of the United Kingdom, South London to be specific. She is a singer-songwriter, but genre wise she is more pop-soul, R&B, and electronic elements as well. Fairly laid-back, yet still makes for a compelling listen.

I had checked out her video for “110%”, and a friend recommended the entire album as being very good. “Strangest Feeling” was the first single, although it can be only found on the iTunes version, or in this case streamed on SoundCloud!

“Running” was the next single. And it can be found on the actual CD or other digital versions.

Also on her SoundCloud, many remixes can be found, and another iTunes bonus track, “What You Won’t Do For Love”. I have not listened to the album enough to get into remixes yet. However one of my favourite tracks from the album is the third single, “Wildest Moment”. It is not on her SoundCloud, so instead check out the music video via YouTube:

Jessie Ware:

on SoundCloud
on Twitter
on YouTube
on Facebook
on Songkick
official site

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