#SoundCloudSunday – Marina and the Diamonds

Another album in high rotation for me, Marina and the Diamonds‘ second release, Electra Heart!

Without a doubt one of my favourite British female singers of recent years!

When I reviewed her first album, The Family Jewels, I did not rave about it, yet I did very much like it (even in my preview of the album I liked it!). Subsequent listens after the review, I have come to really, really like it! It is a very entertaining, fun, up-tempo album!

Her new album has a bit more of a serious tone, so it is not entirely a ‘fun’ listen, but it is equally entertaining.

The debut track “Bubblegum Bitch” illustrates this, starting the album with a bang!

“Lies” is one of the serious tracks I mentioned. Yet, the dubstep elements in the chorus add to the intrigue.

Along with a few other tracks from the album, there is a couple of remix sets of “Power & Control” and “Primadonna”

Like this Brackles Drum & Square Mix of “Power & Control”

And Check out the music video for “Primadonna”:

Marina and the Diamonds:

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