M for Montreal free showcase November 15 pictures and words

M for Montreal (M Pour Montreal in French) is yet another Montreal music festival. Similar to Pop Montreal, as it features plenty of good up and coming acts as well as ones more well-known at many venues over several days.

I managed to catch the free showcase at Cafe Campus/Petit Campus earlier today. Basically a venue with two totally different spaces a floor apart. Petit is French for small, thus the smaller space.

What follows are a few words and pictures of what I saw and heard.

Maïa. Full name, Maïa Davies, one-fourth of the all girl country act Ladies of the Canyon!

Maïa put on a fairly mellow set, I imagine all from her new solo album, Héritage, a mix of English and French lyrics. Her voice alone makes her worth checking out (and Ladies of the Canyon, even if she is not always on vocal duties)!

Whitehorse, from Hamilton. Ontario.

Next up, Whitehorse. From what I recall they were more or less indie rock/rock, but with quite a set-up for a duo. They employed plenty of looping, as well as playing their own percussion (bass drum, floor tom, tambourine and perhaps more hand percussion), and swapping instruments, and both singing. Definitely ones to watch! (Just visited their website, they are made up of husband and wife duo Melissa McClelland and Luke Doucet! That is to say, on their own they have successful careers in music already!) Check out a CBC Music performance:

Kandle, from Montreal.

Kandle is very much lo-fi/retro. Even looks wise! She kind of looks like and even sounds a little like Nancy Sinatra as my friend put it. Interesting. I would have to see her again for sure!

Jacquie Neville of The Balconies, Ottawa ex-pats, now based in Toronto.

The Balconies are very much about rocking out! Lead singer and guitarist Jacquie Neville reminds me of Juliette Lewis performing! Genre-wise I would say alt-rock. Again, I would have to see them again. My friend did not care for them, but I do think their first single, “Kill Count” is interesting, they performed it last. Judge for yourself:

Ain’t no Love performed next (I did not get a good picture), they are a hip hop trio consisting of two main male rappers and a female rapper/singer. I was not too into them, as their beats were too bass thump heavy. I like bass heavy beats, but in this case I did not think they worked too well. And the rapping did not appeal to me. The female songstress has a good voice though, she could easily be doing her thing solo. It seems they are based out of Montreal and Toronto from their website bio.

Honheehonhee donning some animal themed hats!

Lastly, Honheehonhee, out of Montreal are an up-tempo indie-rock party style as one can guess from the picture! They have a lot going on, and some interesting elements here and there, like the synth in one song I liked, but for the most part not really my style.

As I mentioned on Twitter,

another free showcase happens later today, Friday early afternoon. Check out the acts performing here, and the rest of the M for Montreal schedule. The festival finishes up on Saturday. I would recommend seeing Montreal post-punk/rocknrollers Young Lungs Saturday if you have the chance. I caught them at Pop Montreal, and they put on a pretty intense set!

(Too lazy to proofread, hopefully error free!)


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