#SoundCloudSunday – Maïa


This week’s SoundCloud Sunday, local songstress Maïa!

Numerous Montreal artists I know were born elsewhere, and are now based in Montreal, well, Maïa was born and raised here in Montreal!

Her new solo album, Héritage, is sung in both French and English, although predominantly French. The spark for this project was lit while touring Quebec with Ladies of the Canyon (yes, named after the Joni Mitchell album, in fact it was Maïa’s record that the name derives from, as they were looking through her record collection and…). Also, the fact that her roots go back to Anticosti Island and the area in Quebec, hence the song “Anticosti”:

As I mentioned briefly in my last blog post, I saw her at M for Montreal. It was a short set, but entertaining. She had a full band and switched from acoustic guitar to electric during the set, despite that, all her material is quite soft and laid-back, but she has a great voice! Take a listen to “The Singer”, one of three English songs:

And as a bonus, check her out in the Ladies of the Canyon video for “Follow Me Down”:


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2 thoughts on “#SoundCloudSunday – Maïa

  1. I checked out “The Singer”. Nice little swinging guitar solo on that tune. I would like to see her try on some more adventurous melodies as her M For Montreal set illustrated that she has some serious pipes when she lets it go…

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