#SoundCloudSunday – Cali

Cali is an artist on the way to the top of the world.

She has an awesome strong versatile voice, with a throwback to a bygone era, think Christina Aguilera’s Back to Basics album, but Cali has the voice all the time. Adding to that, she is a trained jazz musician.

No better example than her tune “Outta My Mind”, which was featured on the new FIFA 13 video game!

Then there is “Yours Always”, with its spaghetti western feel, would fit in a Tarantino film, or even a Bond film!

She is presently at work on her debut effort.

I actually discovered her via her discovering my blog. Back then, she only had a few Twitter followers, and is now up to 14 000, and counting!

To get a sense for her vocal range/versatility, “At Last”, Etta James Cover:

And, “Crazy”, a Willie Nelson cover:


on SoundCloud (A&RWorldwide)
on Twitter
on YouTube
on Facebook
official site

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