#SoundCloudSunday – Warner Music Canada

Due to almost forgetting to post this (really have to start having posts ready to go days in advance!), I will make it easy on myself and spotlight Warner Music Canada, who have not updated their selection since I first bookmarked it, as it only has the WMC Playlist for August 2012. Despite this fact, there are some good tracks. I will embed a few, and feel free to go to their Soundcloud yourself (linked at the bottom).

First single from the upcoming Tegan and Sara album, Heartthrob, due out January 29. I am definitely looking forward! It took a few listens, but I quite enjoy “Closer” very ‘dancey’, but nothing wrong with that!

Looks like Icona Pop‘s debut came out in mid November! I look forward to checking it out! They are a Swedish synthpop duo. I first heard of them due to the awesome Chiddy Bang sampling their track “Manners” in “Mind Your Manners”! Check out both videos as a bonus after the jump!

Kind of a cool song now that I have heard it a few times! At first it was like, huh? Read more about the track on Wikipedia.

Warned Music Canada:

on SoundCloud
on Twitter
While you are at it, check out my Twitter list of record labels!
on YouTube
official site

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I have to say, I prefer the sampled version, it sounds great in an up-tempo setting!

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