Awesome collabo – Ren Harvieu and Karen Elson

Just discovered this, and it is good:

Each chanteuse has released one album, Ren Harvieu most recently released Through the Night in May of last year, while Karen Elson released her debut, The Ghost Who Walks, two years earlier in May of 2010. Both are definitely worthy of your listen!

Hard to tell from the above collaboration (from Ren’s Open Your Arms EP) as their vocals work so well together, but Ren Harvieu leans a little more soul, while Karen leans a bit more folk.

After the jump, a music video pick of mine from each artist:

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Track by Track – Marina and the Diamonds, Electra Heart

marina-and-the-diamondsThanks to a friend, I just found out I will get to see Marina and the Diamonds May 24! It will be the first time I see her live, and I am quite looking forward! I love both of her albums!

So with that in mind, for those who have heard her latest, Electra Heart, or even if you have not but will, here are a couple of videos where she talks a bit about each track:






Pretty cool! Especially since she writes all her lyrics, albeit with a bit of help.

Although I have yet to see her, I recommend checking her out live, here are the complete tour dates (and check out her official site for more information):

April 7 Goteborg, Sweden @ Pusterviksbaren
April 8 Stockholm, Sweden @ Strand
April 10 Helsinki, Finland @Tavastia – Klubi
April 12 Moscow, Russia @ Moscow Arena
April 14 St. Petersburg, Russia @ Kosmonavt
April 16 Warsaw, Poland @ Stodola Club
April 19 Brussels, Belgium @ Orangerie
April 20 Brussels, Belgium @ Orangerie
April 22 Copenhagen, Denmark @ VEGA House Of Music
April 24 Luxembourg, Luxembourg @ Den Atelier
April 27 Athens, Greece @ Fuzz Club
May 2 Seattle, WA @ Showbox At The Market
May 3 Vancouver, BC @ Commodore Ballroom
May 4 Portland, OR @ Wonder Ballroom
May 6 San Francisco, CA @ Warfield Theatre
May 7 Santa Ana, CA @ The Observatory
May 9 Las Vegas, NV @ The Pool At The Cosmopolitan
May 10 San Diego, CA @ House Of Blues
May 11 Los Angeles, CA @ Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE
May 13 Salt Lake City, UT @ Club Sound
May 14 Englewood, CO @ Gothic Theatre
May 16 Lawrence, KS @ Granada Theatre
May 17 St. Louis, MO @ The Pageant
May 19 Minneapolis, MN @ Varsity Theater
May 20 Chicago, IL @ Vic Theatre
May 22 Detroit, MI @ St. Andrews Hall
May 23 Toronto, ON @ Sound Academy
May 24 Montreal, QC @ Corona Theatre
May 28 Millvale, PA @ Mr. Small’s Theatre
May 29 New York, NY @ Rumsey Playfield / Central Park

After the jump, the first music video that turned me into a fan of hers!

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Some quality online radio stations!

At this very moment I am listening to BBC 6 Music, which was almost shutdown, but luckily lives on. It was while listening that this post came to mind.

So of course BBC Radio 6 Music is a great online station. Awesome mix of music new and old. And all of BBC Radio is worth listening to as well!

My friend Clint recently recommended Houndstooth Radio. It was started by Kurt St. Thomas in 2008, and broadcasts out of his garage! It features a fair amount of artists and bands that are mostly underground. That includes a fair amount of good up and coming music.

The Current, owned by Minnesota Public Radio is also a good listen. Their official format is AAA (Adult album alternative), so basically a lot of indie, and good music that is not generally not Top 40. Check out all of their (More playlists at

KCRW is “a community service of Santa Monica College, is Southern California’s leading National Public Radio affiliate, featuring an eclectic mix of music, news, information and cultural programming”. One show on their station is that of Henry Rollins of Black Flag and The Rollins Band fame (S.O.A. if you want to go back some more!). He has a great selection of music, and of course talk (he is Henry Rollins after all!). Check out a mini doc made by Colin Hanks (one of several for KCRW) after my next radio plug.

Lastly, KCRW has an online 24/7 music station, the aptly titled Eclectic24.

Check out all the playlists for stations I named after the Henry Rollins/KCRW video.



The Current
Houndstooth (via Twitter)
BBC 6 (via their individual shows)
Henry Rollins (via each show)

Music on Late Night Television this Week

Looks like a few good musical acts on late night television this week, so a blog post once again about it (it has been a while since I posted one of these!). My picks are in bold.

Tonight, Monday:

David Byrne & St. Vincent are on the Late Show with David Letterman.

Lady Antebellum are on Leno.

Gavin DeGraw on Jimmy Kimmel.

Eric Burdon on Conan’s old show (or Letterman’s even older show), now hosted by Jimmy Fallon.

Los Straitjackets on Conan

Divine Fits on Carson Daly’s Last Call.


Halestorm (female fronted metal band) are on Jimmy Kimmel.

Metric are on Last Call with Carson Daly


Shovels & Rope are on Letterman.

Holly Williams on Leno.

Antibalas on Jimmy Kimmel.

Bad Religion on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Ben Folds Five on Conan

Shiny Toy Guns on Last Call with Carson Daly.


Lisa Loeb on Leno

Tegan and Sara on Kimmel

Regina Spektor on Carson Daly


Emeli Sandé on Letterman

Andrea Bocelli on Jimmy Fallon.

Grimes on Carson Daly (repeat from November 8, 2012)

A couple of bonus music videos after the jump:

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#SoundCloudSunday – Wynter Gordon

I first heard (and saw) Wynter Gordon via her music video for the excellent dance pop track “Dirty Talk” a little over two years ago. She then released her debut album With the Music I Die which contained even more good dance pop!

A few months ago I found out about her new project where she is releasing four EPs called The Human Condition… Self-releasing I might add.

From her Soundcloud page:

each EP represents a different emotion and showcases Gordon’s enormous range as a composer and performer.

The music marks a new artistic direction for Wynter, who tackles heavier lyrical content and more sophisticated arrangements than her dance/pop projects allowed. Despite the dark title, Gordon still manages to find the beauty in confrontation and the rays of hope in despair.

To see an artist go in their own musical direction, something definitely not what the masses consume, and innovate is always very refreshing to see.

Wynter Gordon - Human Condition DoleoThe first EP from this past summer is Human Condition: Doleo. Doleo being latin for pain. The latter part of the second quote above is apparent in “Waiting”. “Stimela” is a very adventurous track, sung in Zulu!

Doleo could practically be a full-length album on its own, as it is 8 tracks long. The second EP, Human Condition: Sanguine. was just released January 15.

Before I link the Soundcloud files, you can check her out on Bandcamp, and listen to the EPs, and buy them as well, at the price you choose.

Much of Doleo is electronic in nature, but quite complex, and fairly down-tempo, yet said complexity is at the forefront of the music, while at the same time the music is intriguing and warrants multiple listens without a doubt to be fully appreciated.

Check out the music video for “Stimela”:

Wynter Gordon Human Condition Sanguine

I have only listened to Human Condition: Sanguine once so far, and with said listen, it is a bit more bright and up-tempo (“Lucky Ones” and “Levitate” respectively).

I eagerly, yet patiently, await the final two Human Condition EPs!


Wynter Gordon:

on SoundCloud
on Bandcamp
on Twitter
on YouTube
on Facebook
official site

SoundCloudSunday request? Tweet, or leave a comment!

Watch the video for “Til Death” from her album With The Music I Die after the break:

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Daily Prompt: Musical – What role does music play in your life?

Today’s Daily Prompt over at the The Daily Post at

Music for me it is huge. I do run a music blog after all!

Even without the blog, I listen to quite a fair amount of music from many genres. I say many as people tend to say they listen to everything, but there is so much out there that would be pretty near impossible if not impossible! I do not care for easy listening/soft rock stuff for one, there would be exceptions likely but that being one example.

I like to listen to music in all moods. It is especially good when feeling a little down to help make oneself feel better.

Then there is the case of making music. I am learning bass, and keys, plus I try to dabble in making some stuff through DAWs (digital audio workstation), but it is fairly difficult with no formal training. Learning an instrument is a great way to keep your brain functioning, as there is so much to learn, even with a basic instrument, say a triangle, as one must learn rhythm, timing, note values, and the like.

There is so much more to elaborate on, but I will keep it short.

I will leave you with what I think is a perfect song, insanely good:

Weekend music

What qualifies for good weekend music? Of course it varied from person to person, but very likely it is uptempo, in a major key, something that ‘rocks’ (be it something to dance to or actually rock out too), and of course the listener greatly enjoys. Positive lyrics are of course helpful too.

The problem with listening to so much music is that I can never recall everything at once, in fact I may not listen to a great album or artist for as many as several years if I manage to forget about it. If I forget about it, how good can it be? Well, there is a LOT of great music out there, and even more that I enjoy, as I will be the first to admit I definitely have some many guilty pleasures!

So after last week’s post, Welcome to the working week, comes today’s.

I have plenty of music I listen to regardless of day, and many of which I would enjoy on a Friday evening (or Saturday night), but here is one good one that is aptly titled (E Major, moderate tempo):


Life’s too short to be sittin’ ’round miserable

Current Elvis Costello song fixation

Such a good song! It is only two minutes and ten seconds, so it packs a lot in there. Hardly any break from singing, and the lyrics are pretty awesome! Rhyming (touches, clutches, duchess for one), and wordplay (Til I step on the brake to get out of her clutches for one). Brilliant stuff.

And if that was not enough, Elvis played all the instruments on this version! He was 25 at the time.

Acoustic guitar sounds great with a very fitting bassline.

“New Amsterdam” is from his fourth album, Get Happy!!. It was also released as a single in a few forms.

You’re sending me tulips mistaken for lilies
You give me your lip after punching me silly
You turn my head till it rolled down the brain-drain
If I had any sense now I wouldn’t want it back again

New Amsterdam it’s become much too much
‘Til I have the possession of everything she touches
‘Til I step on the brake to get out of her clutches
‘Til I speak double dutch to a real double duchess

Down on the main spring listen to the tick-tock
Collect all the faces that move in your lot
Twice-shy and dog-tied because you’ve been bitten
Everything you say now sounds like it was ghost-written

New Amsterdam it’s become much too much
‘Til I have the possession of everything she touches
‘Til I step on the brake to get out of her clutches
‘Til I speak double dutch to a real double duchess

Back in London they’ll take you to heart after a little while
Though I look right at home I still feel like an exile

Somehow I found myself down at the dockside
Thinking about the old days of Liverpool and Rotherhithe
Transparent people who live on the other side
Living a life that is almost like suicide

New Amsterdam it’s become much too much
‘Til I have the possession of everything she touches
‘Til I step on the brake to get out of her clutches
‘Til I speak double dutch to a real double duchess

Bad Religion – True North, out now!

Bad Religion - True North

Out since yesterday! I listened to it today, and hard to say after one listen what my personal thoughts, but it definitely has potential, nice fast punk rock the way I like it!

Check out a Q&A with one of the bands founding members, Brett Gurewitz (and head of Epitaph Records) at Rolling Stone:

Q&A: Bad Religion’s Brett Gurewitz on Punk-Rock Ethos and Meeting Elton John

16 songs in an economical 35 minutes

I think that gives a good idea of what to expect!

And read all my posts about Bad Religion! One of my favourite punk rock bands!

Music videos I have NOT checked out yet!

It was one of those days when I do not really have a blog post ready to go (I do have a few drafts, but do not feel like working on them presently). Actually I think it is one of the first times this year, as I am participating in the Post a Day 2013 WordPress challenge! And second time where I have missed the calendar day (in my time zone) by a little bit (as can be seen by calendar a little ways down the page on the right, assuming you are viewing on a screen with adequate resolution).

Anyway, as my blog title suggests, there is plenty of music out there to check out. Also, I tend to listen to too much (and yet not enough)!

With all that in mind, here is a couple of music videos I have yet to check out!

Kasey Chambers is an Australian country/pop singer-songwriter who I have not listened to in many years! She has been around since before the new millennium. This is from 2006 album Carnival:


Just browsing the new videos on Vevo, and the thumbnail to this next one by Amelia Lily makes me think it will be fairly commercial pop, not unlike say Carly Rae Jepsen or Colbie Caillat (with a tocuh of Miley Cyrus style attitude). Although Amelia is British, and was on the X-Factor show over there. That does not really mean much, but I tend to like pop from over there, possibly slightly more on average than the American/North American equivalent.

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