Post a Day 2013?

Back in 2011 I participated in Post a Week 2011 (see all the posts), and I managed 60 posts (assuming I tagged them all!), perhaps I barely missed a week once or twice (or thrice?), but as a whole I managed more posts than weeks, and more than I would have written without the challenge, almost certainly!

So, 2013 is upon us, I have decided to give Post A Day 2013 a go!

I am a music fanatic, so I have no shortage of music related things to share. New music (loads of that!), essays, pictures, what I am reading/listening to on the web, old music, instrument geekery, the music I am presently listening to/obsessed with (there is always the sidebar information on the right and farther down for that also) music I am making an attempt at making myself and on and on!

With that in mind, as I have said before, I am about quality over quantity, but at the same time, much quality comes from churning stuff out, and the stuff churned out in turn will get better! And even so, what I ‘churn’ out should be good regardless, in that it will promote new music, or provoke thought, etc. And, as I always seem to have blog posts floating in my head, this should hopefully get them out!

No doubt with the thing called life, I will have to make write some posts ahead of time, and publish them accordingly, but that is something that is recommended anyway to keep blogs fresh!

In conclusion, for my regular readers, and anyone who happens upon this by chance, I would love to hear from you, be it a comment on this post (and plug your blog perhaps!), contacting me via the Contact me page (email or web form), or Twitter. Give me post suggestions, new music I should listen to, feedback, motivation, whatever!

At the very least it will make for an interesting blogging journey! And hopefully will help you find some awesome new music!

Thanks, and keep on blogging in the free world!


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