#SoundCloudSunday – I am Harlequin

Thanks to Thoughts on Music blog for the find!


I Am HarlequinI Am Harlequin is the musical project of Anne Freier. She was born in East Germany at the end of the German Democratic Republic regime, and would only get to hear international pop and rock freely once the Berlin wall fell.

As a singer-songwriter multi-instrumental producer, it seems everything heard on the recordings were made and produced by her. From her bio, “her biggest pop inspirations are Kate Bush, Rickie Lee Jones, Grace Slick, Joni Mitchell and Tori Amos, whom she listened to from an early age.” The Kate Bush is fairly evident, as The VPME said: “It’s a musical and emotional tour de force in which IAH produces a compelling synthesis of Baroque chamber pop, choral harmonies, Gothic theatrical flourishes all sprinkled with a light dusting of minimalist electronica.”

Listen to her entire Craze EP:

And then check out the music video for “Something Else”:

If you like what you hear, the piano score can be purchased and “all proceeds to go to the WWF Amazon charity effort.” Go to the music page of her official site, or, the direct link.

I am Harlequin:

on SoundCloud
on Twitter
on YouTube
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on MySpace
on Songkick
on Last.fm
official site

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