Delayed album releases (some release dates known, some not!)

Revisiting a couple of my old posts that started 2011 (2011 Albums preview) and 2012 (New Music 2012!), to look at some releases we have yet to hear a solid release date.

Starting with the 2011 entry, it has now been two plus years awaiting the new Amerie album, Cymatika Vol. 1. For the record, I am not complaining by any stretch, as I would rather wait and hear a really good album versus a rushed album.

Same with Solange, but it is looking good for her album to come out in a few months time, as she has released the teaser EP, True (which contains the no words for how good it is “Losing You“).

Queens of the Stone Age have been prepping their new album for a while too, but seems Josh Homme says it will be out before June, according to an unsourced bit on Wikipedia, before their performance at the Download Festival. Dave Grohl was back behind the drums for this one, first time since Songs for the Deaf! And that should prove interesting, as he is quite the drummer!

In pop music, Jojo‘s return is still unknown, despite having had a single (“Disaster“) in late 2011. It now appears to be a non-album track, and a new single “Demonstrate” is out, but no music video yet.

That blog post also listed Amy Winehouse. Really a shame we will not hear new material from her, excluding any posthumous stuff that may still see a release.

Moving onto 2012 releases that were not.

K-os, the really awesome eclectic Canadian rapper’s new album BLack On BLonde did not see a 2012 release, but it is due out January 29, so the wait will not be very long!

A new Wu-Tang album is in the works, but no concrete dates whatsoever.

Metallica have been working on their follow-up to Death Magnetic, but I cannot see a release anytime too soon, I honestly think it will be 2014. Time will tell.

I did not post about it in the past, but ever since Skylar Grey made waves in 2011 with guesting on a few tracks with some really catchy hooks (Diddy-Dirty Money’s spine chilling “Coming Home“, and Dr. Dre’s “I Need a Doctor” — whatever you do, do not hold your breath for Detox being released anytime soon! He should have just released it and been done with it, as it has been done for a while!) and even her own single, “Dance Without You“, we have been anxiously awaiting her second debut album (she released Like Blood Like Honey in 2006 under her birth name, Holly Brook, after having performed on a couple of Fort Minor tracks).

Lastly, one of my most anticipated albums of 2013, Lissie‘s sophomore effort! Her phenomenal debut, Catching a Tiger, came out in the summer of 2010!

As usual, I know I am missing plenty of albums!


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