Good music you probably do not know – Hesta Prynn

Northern State were (I think they have disbanded from what I understand) a group of three white female rappers from New York City. The female Beastie Boys comparisons were inevitable. Despite that, they held their own, and released three albums.

One member, Hesta Prynn has now gone solo with more of an indie dance/indie rock style, but keeping some alternative hip hop in there as well.

Her first solo EP, Can We Go Wrong was released back in July 2010.

Watch the video for “Can We Go Wrong”:

This past summer she released a new EP, We Could Fall in Love, which is more club dance in style thanks to a prominent synth-line, yet still keeps indie cred. Check out the title track:

Check her out on her official site, Facebook, or Twitter.

A couple of bonus videos after the jump.

“Turn it Gold” from the 7″ of the same name:

“Hesta Prynn is a DJ”

And a brief video of her talking about her favourite music:


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