Daily Prompt: 32 Flavors (Alana Davis!)

As I am participating (so far so good!) in the WordPress incentive to “Post Every Day” in the form of “Post a Day 2013”, sometimes I may need a little help posting (I have no shortage of things to write about, but formulating a post out of nothing on the spot can be tricky at times when uncertain about what exactly to write about. With that in mind, The Daily Post blog at WordPress gives a “Daily Prompt” every day to help bloggers out in case they are having a case of writer’s block (blogger’s block?).

So, today’s, is 32 Flavors! Thanks to Emma AKA Minted Moose over at My Life, My Way, My Words as she used yesterday’s Daily Prompt, 1984, and that gave me the idea to see what today’s is!

So, slightly off topic, but of course it reminds me of Alana Davis’ song of the same name as today’s Daily Prompt, 32 Flavors!

Of course it is an Ani DiFranco cover, but I never really was into Ani (still not, perhaps eventually), so I heard Alana’s first. Ani’s version is from her 1995 album, Not a Pretty Girl.

Alana’s version is her debut single from her debut album (also the leadoff track!), Blame It on Me, released back in 1997. She went on to release a couple more albums at normal album intervals, four years in between each, Fortune Cookies (2001), and Surrender Dorothy (2005). It has been ages since I listened to the albums, but they are all pretty sweet (future blog post(s)?). I think I gave Fortune Cookies the most rotation.

Check it out:

And listen to Ani DiFranco’s original version:

Apparently Alana Davis is slowly working on new material that may or may not result in an album!

(To answer the Daily Prompt question — “Vanilla, chocolate, or something else entirely?” — either, they are both very good, depends on the situation! And the correct spelling is ‘flavour’! I kid, both are acceptable, but I add the ‘u‘.)


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