Montreal Monday – Young Lungs

Yet another new feature, one I will feature every other week, or every three weeks, or sometimes maybe even consecutive weeks, depending how I feel, and who I feel like plugging at the time!

So this is promoting great Montreal music that is not quite well-known, yet!

I saw Young Lungs at the last Pop Montreal, in September 2012. I was meeting some friends there that had Pop Hopper passes. I was quite impressed! They are a good aggressive mix of post-punk/punk/rock, without being too aggressive, thus still having plenty of good rhythm. And they have a great drummer! Turns out my friend had raved about them when he saw them at an earlier date, but I did not know that it was them until after the fact, so I kind of take a little credit of my own to getting into them, but I was meeting him at the show, so had he not been going, I very well would have missed them! They recently opened for Metz too.

Check out their Blood on the Streets 7″:

Young Lungs - Blood on the Streets

Like what you hear? Buy the tracks at their Bandcamp page, and name your price!

And follow them on Twitter!

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