Dropkick Murphys – Signed and Sealed in Blood

Dropkick Murphys - Signed and Sealed in BloodWhew, I totally missed this release till a few days before it was out, and I heard about it via a major Canadian news outlet! It feels like Going Out in Style was just released (March 1, 2011 to be exact)!

I have been listening to the Murphy’s since “Barroom Hero” appeared on the original Give ‘Em the Boot compilation released by the Epitaph sub-label Hellcat. At that point, and for their debut album Do or Die, Mike McColgan was the main vocalist, and Al Barr had yet to join! Mike McColgan would later surface again as the lead singer to street punkers the Street Dogs.

Album highlights so far, “Rose Tattoo”, a very nice celtic ditty with mandolin taking centre stage for much of the track, and some marching snare in there for good measure, followed by some quality floor tom! It clocks in at just over five minutes (watch video is below)! “Burn”, a good fast one! And “The Boys are Back”, the leadoff track, as one would imagine with that title from the Murphys!


Words from around the web:

Dropkick Murphys: A ‘Rose Tattoo’ Tells A Life Story @ npr

Dropkick Murphys Spill ‘Blood’: ‘This Album Was Like Taking the Chains Off’ @ Billboard.com

Music Review: Dropkick Murphys – Signed and Sealed in Blood @ blogcritics.org (positive review)

Dropkick Murphys: Signed and Sealed in Blood – review @ The Guardian (negative review)

Album review: Dropkick Murphys’ ‘Signed and Sealed in Blood’ @ LA Times (another positive review — probably best to judge for oneself!)

A couple more videos after the break, including a cool video on how to play guitar on the opening track “The Boys are Back” (it’s all about the capo!):

A little late (or really early for this year?), but check out their seasonal video for The Season’s Upon Us:


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