Song Name’s the Same for $300 Alex

Settle Down: Kimbra vs No Doubt

($300, since I have a couple of old posts: Name’s the Same for $100 Alex and Song Name’s the Same for $200 Alex.)

I declare this one a tie!

No Doubt’s is of course the debut single from their comeback record, Push and Shove, after an almost 11 year hiatus! It was released last summer. And Kimbra’s was released two years earlier, the debut single from her debut album, Vows. Also (useless fact), both are the leadoff tracks on their respective albums!

No Doubt’s “Settle Down” sees them returning to their ska roots, with a touch of dancehall in there. And Kimbra’s “Settle Down” is a pretty catchy indie pop/folk ditty based on a vocal loop from Kimbra that is prominent for much of the song! To say it has a bit of a Regina Spektor feel to it would not be too far off, and definitely a compliment!

Although the song names are the same, the meanings behind the titles are definitely different!

Read the lyrics to each: Kimbra and No Doubt (links will not open in a new window in case you want to watch the embeds below and read the lyrics).

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