Song Name’s the Same for $400 Alex

Glow: Alien And Farm vs Nelly Furtado

I declare this one a tie, again!

Alien Ant Farm’s is from their sweet 2003 album truANT, and Nelly Furtado’s one is from her 2006 album Loose.

I reviewed truANT a year and a half ago, and it could easily be described as an overlooked album, as I believe it did not get very much publicity. Alien Ant Farm of course did get plenty of well deserved airplay with their cover of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal.”

Alien Ant Farm’s “Glow” is a very catchy acoustic guitar backed song, with the classic pop beat (as I like to call it) clapped out during the chorus. Catchy could be used to describe the Nelly Furtado “Glow”, but in more a dance-pop way. The latter being one of my favourite tracks from Loose, alongside “Showtime” and “Maneater”!

Check out both tracks below:

The video for Alien Ant Farm’s “Glow” is a fun one too, kind of reminiscent of Beck’s “Sexx Laws.”


Read the lyrics to each: Alien Ant Farm and No Doubt (links will not open in a new window).

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