Music videos I have NOT checked out yet!

It was one of those days when I do not really have a blog post ready to go (I do have a few drafts, but do not feel like working on them presently). Actually I think it is one of the first times this year, as I am participating in the Post a Day 2013 WordPress challenge! And second time where I have missed the calendar day (in my time zone) by a little bit (as can be seen by calendar a little ways down the page on the right, assuming you are viewing on a screen with adequate resolution).

Anyway, as my blog title suggests, there is plenty of music out there to check out. Also, I tend to listen to too much (and yet not enough)!

With all that in mind, here is a couple of music videos I have yet to check out!

Kasey Chambers is an Australian country/pop singer-songwriter who I have not listened to in many years! She has been around since before the new millennium. This is from 2006 album Carnival:


Just browsing the new videos on Vevo, and the thumbnail to this next one by Amelia Lily makes me think it will be fairly commercial pop, not unlike say Carly Rae Jepsen or Colbie Caillat (with a tocuh of Miley Cyrus style attitude). Although Amelia is British, and was on the X-Factor show over there. That does not really mean much, but I tend to like pop from over there, possibly slightly more on average than the American/North American equivalent.

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