Weekend music

What qualifies for good weekend music? Of course it varied from person to person, but very likely it is uptempo, in a major key, something that ‘rocks’ (be it something to dance to or actually rock out too), and of course the listener greatly enjoys. Positive lyrics are of course helpful too.

The problem with listening to so much music is that I can never recall everything at once, in fact I may not listen to a great album or artist for as many as several years if I manage to forget about it. If I forget about it, how good can it be? Well, there is a LOT of great music out there, and even more that I enjoy, as I will be the first to admit I definitely have some many guilty pleasures!

So after last week’s post, Welcome to the working week, comes today’s.

I have plenty of music I listen to regardless of day, and many of which I would enjoy on a Friday evening (or Saturday night), but here is one good one that is aptly titled (E Major, moderate tempo):


Life’s too short to be sittin’ ’round miserable


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