#SoundCloudSunday – Wynter Gordon

I first heard (and saw) Wynter Gordon via her music video for the excellent dance pop track “Dirty Talk” a little over two years ago. She then released her debut album With the Music I Die which contained even more good dance pop!

A few months ago I found out about her new project where she is releasing four EPs called The Human Condition… Self-releasing I might add.

From her Soundcloud page:

each EP represents a different emotion and showcases Gordon’s enormous range as a composer and performer.

The music marks a new artistic direction for Wynter, who tackles heavier lyrical content and more sophisticated arrangements than her dance/pop projects allowed. Despite the dark title, Gordon still manages to find the beauty in confrontation and the rays of hope in despair.

To see an artist go in their own musical direction, something definitely not what the masses consume, and innovate is always very refreshing to see.

Wynter Gordon - Human Condition DoleoThe first EP from this past summer is Human Condition: Doleo. Doleo being latin for pain. The latter part of the second quote above is apparent in “Waiting”. “Stimela” is a very adventurous track, sung in Zulu!

Doleo could practically be a full-length album on its own, as it is 8 tracks long. The second EP, Human Condition: Sanguine. was just released January 15.

Before I link the Soundcloud files, you can check her out on Bandcamp, and listen to the EPs, and buy them as well, at the price you choose.

Much of Doleo is electronic in nature, but quite complex, and fairly down-tempo, yet said complexity is at the forefront of the music, while at the same time the music is intriguing and warrants multiple listens without a doubt to be fully appreciated.

Check out the music video for “Stimela”:

Wynter Gordon Human Condition Sanguine

I have only listened to Human Condition: Sanguine once so far, and with said listen, it is a bit more bright and up-tempo (“Lucky Ones” and “Levitate” respectively).

I eagerly, yet patiently, await the final two Human Condition EPs!


Wynter Gordon:

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official site

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Watch the video for “Til Death” from her album With The Music I Die after the break:


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