Some quality online radio stations!

At this very moment I am listening to BBC 6 Music, which was almost shutdown, but luckily lives on. It was while listening that this post came to mind.

So of course BBC Radio 6 Music is a great online station. Awesome mix of music new and old. And all of BBC Radio is worth listening to as well!

My friend Clint recently recommended Houndstooth Radio. It was started by Kurt St. Thomas in 2008, and broadcasts out of his garage! It features a fair amount of artists and bands that are mostly underground. That includes a fair amount of good up and coming music.

The Current, owned by Minnesota Public Radio is also a good listen. Their official format is AAA (Adult album alternative), so basically a lot of indie, and good music that is not generally not Top 40. Check out all of their (More playlists at

KCRW is “a community service of Santa Monica College, is Southern California’s leading National Public Radio affiliate, featuring an eclectic mix of music, news, information and cultural programming”. One show on their station is that of Henry Rollins of Black Flag and The Rollins Band fame (S.O.A. if you want to go back some more!). He has a great selection of music, and of course talk (he is Henry Rollins after all!). Check out a mini doc made by Colin Hanks (one of several for KCRW) after my next radio plug.

Lastly, KCRW has an online 24/7 music station, the aptly titled Eclectic24.

Check out all the playlists for stations I named after the Henry Rollins/KCRW video.



The Current
Houndstooth (via Twitter)
BBC 6 (via their individual shows)
Henry Rollins (via each show)

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