Live blogging the 55th Annual Grammy Awards

Stay tuned to this space…!

Official poster by Erika Iris Simmons
Official poster by Erika Iris Simmons

8:00 PM EST: Ladies Love Cool James hosting apparently. Taking a break from his tv show I guess…

8:02 Ms. Taylor Swift. 168 hours ago was the Super Bowl on CBS. Let’s hope the power stays on this time!

8:11 Elton John and Ed Sheeran. Not interested in the latter.

8:19 Finally, an award, best pop solo performance, Adele, quelle surprise!

8:22 fun.? Bathroom break.

8:26 Janelle Monae in attendance, she likes the fun.!

8:32 Hello Katy Perry!

8:35 Miranda Lambert, good, country guy, not so very good (to me)

8:38 Old school LL! With Dick Clark.

8:42 Carrie Underwood wins the country award! Grrrrl power!

8:55 Mumford looks really good for his age, how many sons does he have?

9:06 That guy from that old boy band around the time of that other boy band, and Jay-Zed (how we pronounce it in Canada).

9:12 Yes, Ocean, Frank wins!

9:20 One half of Black Keys, producer of the year, Dan Auerbach. And now Black Keys for rock performance! If not them, Bruce Springsteen would have been nice, not sure he is in attendance.

9:22 Maroon 5, food break till Alicia Keys takes the stage!

9:27 Nice, Alicia Keys doing some of her own percussion!

9:29 Kelly Clarkson best pop vocal album! Would have preferred P!nk, but no matter!

9:39 Rihanna’s secret to crazy white teeth, liquid paper.

9:54 Pretty awesome rendition of “Lonely Boy” with Dr. John and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band!

9:56 Nice Kelly Clarkson performance.

10:06 Looking forward to seeing and hearing Mr. Bassman, Sting. Bob Marley tribute one Bruno Mars finishes “Locked out of Heaven”? …Nice Sting performing it too, and now “Walking on the Moon”!!! With Bruno helping out now.

10:24 Jack White backed by female musicians, now rocking a Telecaster, and lost it/stepped on it!

10:26 Katy Perry! Boo ‘best new artist’ graphic.

10:38 Carrie Underwood sure has come a long way since winning American Idol in 2005!

10:48 Nice jazz, Dave Brubeck tribute, but not nearly long enough! #Grammys #Jazz.

11:02 Many great music people have passed, and Levonorgestrel Helm tribute.

11:12 Frank Ocean performs Forrest Gump. Minimal, yet emotional performance. #Grammys Stole that one from my Twitter, as hashtags are useless here!

11:30 WHAT an ending! Chuck D on the Grammys with LL Cool J, Tom Morello, Travis Barker, et. al.! Hip hop group! Boo to CBS for cutting it off and putting graphics over it, esp. With the brief MCA Adam Yauch tribute within.

That’s it folks, good night!


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