#SoundCloudSunday – Maylee Todd (also, awesome Canadian music)!

Just read the news at exclaim.ca, Maylee Todd’s new album comes out April 2, Escapology!

Maylee Todd - Escapology

Track 10, “Do You Know What It Is”, from the forthcoming album:

The self-produced album spans genres from funk, soul, disco-boogie and also features Maylee’s now signature harp-focused lullabies.

I saw Maylee a couple of times at Pop Montreal 2010, shortly after her debut, Choose Your Own Adventure, came out. She is an awesome performer, and along with the above quote from her website, her music is filled with zany awesomeness!

She released a video for “Baby’s Got It” from the upcoming album a couple of months ago:

Maylee Todd:

on SoundCloud (via Do Right! Music)
on Bandcamp
on Twitter
on YouTube
on Facebook
official site

To see what I mean about the zany awesomeness, her video for “Aerobic in Space” from her debut:

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