Montreal Monday – Silver Dapple

I found an old clipping of mine from the now defunct weekly paper the Montreal Mirror reviewing their disc, English Girlfriend. The reviewer, Steve Guimond, gave it 4.5 out of 5 and it was the disc of the week:

Silver Dapple dabble in a pop music that bulldozes to a beat of its own — sinewy, jagged and rough-edged — that will shake your bowels all the while whispering sweet meanings in your ear.

Cannot say as I would have been as descriptive, I would just go on to say they have a garage-pop sound, and as their Bandcamp states: “Silver Dapple loves pop music, especially when it is fuzzy.”

And they have some cool beats in there too (especially “Blonde Intro”!).

Take a listen:


As is the case with Bandcamp, the album can be purchased for $5 in this case.

They do not seem to have any shows scheduled at the moment, but for more information, check them out on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and of course Bandcamp!

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