Kate Nash Montreal show review (March 13 2013) & Supercute!

Supercute! from New York City opened to the half filled and filling venue. They play fairly poppy rock, as one can imagine from the band name! And as one can imagine from the band name as well, they are an all-female band! They have some cool songs, and show promise down the road, most notably their cover of The Rolling Stones’ “Paint it Black.”

By the time Kate Nash was soon to take the stage, the fairly small venue was getting quite full (capacity in the high hundreds or so). She was quite eagerly anticipated to take the stage, and as one would expect when the

Kate Nash took to the stage with great excitement from the crowd, opening with the rocking “Sister” from her new rock and roll album Girl Talk. Most of the songs she played bass, and when not on bass, she played an Epiphone with plenty of distortion, and the left guitarist took bass duties. This of course being an all-girl band as well!

Much of her new rock sound is quite bass driven (listen to “Death Proof”!), which sounds great, especially as a bass fan/player. She also sang a few songs not playing a guitar at all.

One highlight of the show was when she was not playing music, but talking about how she has been working with young girls to get more females into music, and composing. As well as how she had been in a bad place a couple of years ago, and felt her only way to get out of the rut was to make a new album, which resulted in being dropped from her label (I believe due to them not liking her new sound). So, she also chatted briefly about how girls are made to sound a certain way as record label suits feel they know what will sell, whereas it is the youth themselves that know (for example the X-Factor television program, as she discussed in an interview with Jian Ghomeshi on Q).

She also performed a song for Pussy Riot, which was mainly composed of “Free my pussy”, and “meow” over and over, yet managed to be quite catchy! And first of two encore songs was a cover of Meredith Brooks’ “Bitch”!

Plenty more US and UK tour dates at her site, myignorantyouth.com!

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