Listen to this #6 – Austra

Toronto’s Austra’s sophomore album “will be released June 17/18 via Paper Bag and Domino!!”

Austra Home

File under: Synthpop, Dark Wave, dream pop

4 thoughts on “Listen to this #6 – Austra

  1. Good work! You beat me to mentioning this. I’ve seen Austra twice at UK festivals and both times awesome. 2013 is starting to look more amazing almost every passing day.

    • Cool! I’ve yet to see them! Tried last year at Pop Montreal, but it was a free show, and was lined out around the corner! But I discovered a cool Montreal band at another show, so worked out well!

    • Young Lungs was the band I discovered missing Austra, they are kind of post-punk, so maybe not your thing, beats me! Braids’ side project Blue Hawaii, just put out their second album. Oh, you may get a kick out of a local folk/blurgrass artists, Corinna Rose, her debut drops April 11! Plenty more where that came from!

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