Listening queue

The problem with being addicted to music is I can always find stuff to listen to. And although it is a good addiction, it can cause me to procrastinate, such as making my own music, or learning an instrument (bass for the most part now), but both of those are other blog posts for another day!

On with this post…!

I just learned Eleanor Friedberger of The Fiery Furnaces, and having released her solo debut in 2011 (Last Summer), is releasing her second album late this Spring (Personal Record, June 2013). With that in mind, I want to go back to listen to The Fiery Furnaces music. I believe I only really started listening to them around the time Eleanor Friedberger’s solo album came out!

In my quest to listen to new music, and continue listening to old music I have yet to hear, I just read a review about Toronto’s Parallels on, having just performed Canadian Music Week (CMW). The reviewer said their 2011 debut (Visionaries) was fantastic, while their latest, XII, “felt like just another record in a crowded field”. Regardless, there are two albums to listen to. As far as old music goes, Mick Fleetwood was recently on the great motoring TV show Top Gear (UK edition of course!), so I am listening to Rumours (Fleetwood Mac of course) as I type this. And a friend also recently cited that as an album he quite enjoys. And Rolling Stone calls it the 25th or 26th greatest album of all-time, depending on which version you are looking at (the original, or the revised 2012 list).

To be continued…

(Regular readers will notice the new theme? Thoughts, comments? Do tell! I was thinking of a static page with previews of all recent posts, but the one I was looking into did not have a sidebar, which I like. This one seems to only load so many posts, and since I embed quite a lot of stuff, I do not really want to make your browser become unresponsive! On that note, thanks for reading once again!)

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