KT Tunstall – Invisible Empire // Crescent Moon, future music

Interesting choice for a first single. I do laud the choice as it is generally more likely to lead off with a more up-tempo catchy single. As much as I like catchy up-tempo songs, I will take quality as a whole over a catchy hook. Listen/watch for yourself:

Apparently the new album will be more country-folk, versus Tiger Suit that was nature techno as KT herself put it.

IECM’s country-folk tinged undercurrents grew out of KT’s decision to travel to Tucson, Arizona to record with producer and alt-country leading light
Howe Gelb (aka Giant Sand). KT describes the album as “full of songs from the heart,” adding “I followed my path of truth and ended up in a different place.”

Pretty cool album cover!

Pretty cool album cover!

IECM is released June 10 in her native U.K., and August 6 Stateside.


#SoundCloudSunday – Shad (true hip hop!)

ShadA friend of mine at work once said I do not feature enough hip hop, too true. So, here it is…

Shad is a pretty awesome Canadian rapper, and yes, true hip hop without a doubt. Shad was “born Shadrach Kabango of Rwandan parents, he’ll admit there’s a retro quality in what he’s doing, like all good hip hop”, source, and it continues: “and if pushed, he’ll agree that there’s some general link to other socially conscious artists such as Chicago-bred Common, whom Shad opened for recently in Toronto, or Toronto’s K-OS, whom he routinely gets compared to. All portray a kind of pining in their music for a time before hip hop exploded commercially.”

I saw him back in 2010 at the Montreal Jazz Fest, and he put on a great set. He is doing a show in Montreal with fellow Canadian rapper/broadcaster Buck 65 here in Montreal for $5, as presented by the Osheaga Festival. So tomorrow I will pick up my tickets, as I will definitely be there.

His SoundCloud is somewhat limited, only has a couple of tracks from his last album, but it also has a nice mixtape, melancholy and the infinite shadness (a free download too). Check out “it aint over” which samples Lenny Kravitz’s “It Ain’t Over ’til It’s Over”:


Also on the mixtape, “a milli vanilli“, which samples Lil’ Wayne, but Milli Vanilli too!

His fourth album is getting prepared for release, it will be called Flying Colours.

Check out the awesome/funny video for “The Old Prince Still Lives At Home” which is a massive reference to opening to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air!

And from his last album, TSOL, Rose Garden:

Watch till the end, The Pharcyde video playing at the end (“Drop“), so the man has great taste in hip hop, no surprise!


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Too Much Music Radio, episode 1 is over. Episode 2, May 4!

(Yes, made in Paint!)

(Yes, made in Paint!)


(When live, and I may randomly play music every now and then)

The blog title pretty much says it all, at 6PM, just over one and a half hours, the debut episode of TooMuchMusic Radio! It will be streaming via the new Grooveshark Broadcast.

I have a few tracks ready to play for the debut episode, but in the future, in the spirit of radio, I will decide more of what I will play on the fly. However, as with my terrestrial radio days, I will certainly prepare for my shows! (Hint, tonight will feature ‘radio’ songs!)

Grooveshark Broadcast allows us to record and add 30 second snippets, but I will not be adding any voice quite yet until I get a proper microphone, which should be in the near future as I want to start a regular podcast series.

Anyway, do listen in at 6PM EDT (10 UTC) for one hour!


This is the third time I have featured her in a blog post (first and second), and deservedly so!

She is presently working on her full length debut album after having released 3 EPs. Read her update from just over a month ago: Florrie – Absence, Updates & Endorsements.

Check out her latest track, written specifically for promoting earbuds:

That one may take a few listens yet to grow on me, so here is “Shot You Down” from her most recent EP, Late:

Not my favourite of hers, but still really good! And watch for the shots of her sitting on an amp, very nice! They should send me all the raw footage so I can make a ‘fan cut’ version (hint hint!)!

And lastly, the song that was an aha moment for me right around two years ago, and realised, damn this (and Florrie) is good!

Give me Your Love

Isolated bass, The Police (Sting) and Blur (Alex James)

Third post in an ongoing series, and just like the first one (Isolated instrument tracks), two quite different, but really cool bass tracks!

Also like the first post (Beatles and Queens of the Stone Age), a clean bass track followed by one with effects, fuzzy bass once again!

First, the bass track from The Police’s “Next to You”:

Sting of course playing. The verses are not the most complex bass line, but given the speed it is played at (somewhere around 160-170 BPM), it is something, and the chorus does have a bit more to it. And during the slide guitar solo (1:04 – 1:25), the bass matches up nicely!

The song is in A-Major, and for you bass players, here is a tab!

Next, Alex James on bass in Blur’s very well-known “Song 2”:

Just like the guitar on the track, the bass is quite distorted (or fuzzy)!

“Song 2” is in The A-flat major or its relative minor, F minor. And the best rated tab on Ultimate-guitar.com. I have not tried either out, yet, but I assume they are quite good.

Isolated instrument request? Comment or Tweet me. And once again, thanks for reading!

Coming Saturday: Too Much Music radio! (via Grooveshark Broadcast)

I just noticed today Grooveshark’s new Broadcast feature (I was wondering what they were advertising in the weeks leading up to today!). It basically allows anyone to play music (from Grooveshark of course), and broadcast it for anyone in the world to listen to, and it even has the ability to add your own sound snippets by recording directly into Grooveshark (although the limit is 30 seconds, but the number is unlimited). Read more at TechCrunch

Just like the above linked article mentions, I used to dabble with Shoutcast back in the day, even if it was just for fun (I did start a very short-lived radio show).

Better yet, I used to do an actual radio show at a campus/community radio station (CJMQ). And I would definitely like to do that again, on terrestrial radio. I have also plans for a podcast or two on a new website. In the meantime however, there is Grooveshark Broadcasts. An online radio show is not too feasible given broadcast restrictions over music on major record labels, as I would like to play established music. A similar podcast would be great for independent music though!

With all that in mind, Too Much Music radio is coming Saturday! I am testing the feature out now, and it functions pretty well, even including a preview feature while playing music. That being crucial while doing real radio on the fly (for segues, queueing and then some — my radio knowledge is a tad rusty!). My test show will be this

Saturday, April 27 at 18:00 PM EDT (22:00 UDT)! Lasting one hour!

I am not completely sure what I will play, but very likely it will be music that I have featured on this blog. Stay tuned!

emma louise – vs head vs heart. [album review]

Latest blog post from what seems to be a nice up and coming blog! Oh yeah, and the music from the blog post is good too!


[purchase through iTunes or JBHiFi]

i have had the entire album on replay since its release in march. brisbane girl, emma louise, has pulled out all her cards on this one and i just can’t get enough of her ethereal sounds. the album is magnetic and magical with fluttering synths blended perfectly with beautiful swirling melodies and her soothing, smoky vocals. i am absolutely hanging out to see and hear these blissful sounds live during her upcoming australian tour in may. there are a still tickets for some of her shows, i couldn’t urge you more to grab one and join us for what is sure to be a beautiful performance.

take a listen & check out start to finish – the young starlet gives a small insight into her thoughts, feelings and inspirations towards the album.

stand out tunes:




ps let us know what YOU

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Most anticipated album this summer?

Three that I know of off-hand (and I am referring to hotly anticipated albums as a whole, as there are plenty of other albums I am generally looking forward). Placed order that I anticipate the most. Am I missing any?

Queens of the Stone Age – …Like Clockwork (June 4). Dave Grohl back on drums (even though Jon Theodore is the new permanent drummer), and Elton John is one of the guests on the album!

QOTSA Like Clockwork small

Daft Punk – Random Access Memories (May 17). Highly anticipated period. If “Get Lucky” is any indication, it should be good!

Daft Punk - Random Access Memories small

Black Sabbath – 13 (June 10). Ozzy back on vocals. Brad Wilk on drums and produced by Rick Rubin, I have high expectations from this one!

Black Sabbath 13 small

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#SoundCloudSunday – TTJ (Tasha Taylor Johnson)

I know very little about TTJ at this point (I just stumbled upon her yesterday, thanks to this post over at Thoughts on Music!), besides being a jazzy, bluesy pop artist hailing from the United Kingdom. Based on the above track, the only studio recording on her SoundCloud, she sounds fairly poppy, but with jazz influence being at the forefront of her music.

It seems her album, Feed Your Ego, launches May 5, at the The Amersham Arms in Greater London.

And I did notice she seems to be involved in the theatre too, having been in Mamma Mia, Starlight Express, and Swing in We Will Rock You, among others!

I look forward to hearing how her full-length sounds!

TTJ (Tasha Taylor Johnson):

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Record Store Day 2013!

RSDvector_2013_thumbHappy Record Store Day 2013 everyone! Hope you managed to find some good goods!

With Record Store Day still going on probably from the UTC-6 time and west, assuming shops close at 17:30 local time, however no doubt in-store events and concerts will be on going today, and likely tomorrow!

I do not have much to add, but for those who want to window shop in front of your computer, here are some videos for just that!

Record Store Day 2013 preview #1
Record Store Day 2013 Preview 2

The first one has time coded links to what is in the video, the second, you are on your own unfortunately.


Garbage & Screaming Females in the studio recording “Because The Night” for their 2013 Record Store Day 10″ vinyl release.

Lastly, lots and lots of goodies and all the information for Record Store Day around the world at the official site: recordstoreday.com!