Take Me Out to the Ball Game, 105 years old!

A few years ago this iconic song turned 100, and no surprise, MLB had a fairly big celebration. I meant to write a blog post about it on my Old Tyme Baseball blog that never took off for me, but did not get around to it.

Now 105 years old, and the start of a new baseball season underway I am writing this now!

This version is from 1908, by Billy Murray and the Haydn Quartet, although not sung by Billy Murray.

Check out the page this recording originates from on archive.org. The same rendition has another page, but was encoded or processed differently.

Read some more from a good article from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “Name this tune: You sing ‘Take Me Out,’ it’s 100 years old”, here.

As a bonus, click more to see all the Major League Baseball uniforms from 1908:

Boston Red Sox
Boston Red Sox (American League)
Chicago White Sox
Chicago White Sox (American League)
Cleveland Naps
Cleveland Naps (American League)
Detroit Tigers
Detroit Tigers (American League)
New York Highlanders
New York Highlanders (American League)
Philadelphia Athletics (American League)
Philadelphia Athletics (American League)
St. Louis Browns
St. Louis Browns (American League)
Washington Senators
Washington Senators (American League)
Boston Doves
Boston Doves (National League)
Brooklyn Dodgers
Brooklyn Dodgers (National League)
Chicago Cubs
Chicago Cubs (National League)
Cincinnati Reds
Cincinnati Reds (National League)
New York Giants
New York Giants (National League)
Philadelphia Phillies
Philadelphia Phillies (National League)
Pittsburgh Pirates
Pittsburgh Pirates (National League)
St. Louis Cardinals
St. Louis Cardinals (National League)

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