Listen to this #11 – Neon Hitch – Happy Neon Mixtape + Free music!

This blog post’s title, perhaps a mouthful! Eleventh Listen to this post, and starting a new one, Free music (legal of course)!

One of her tracks (perhaps a future blog post), definitely a guilty pleasure, but as “Get Over U” (video on YouTube) from a couple of years back proves, she has some potential!

Neon Hitch

As much as I do like a fair amount of commercial pop, it is nice to hear artists branching out and going against the grain. In some cases major success in the mainstream can grant that ability to artists.

In the meantime, as we await a full-length, Neon Hitch’s mixtape, Happy Neon was released a couple of months ago, and it can be downloaded for free (over here!), or streamed on SoundCloud:


Jon Ali’s Blog said it well, the mixtape (really an EP): “combines sleek dream-pop with icy electro, contemporary r&b, and light trip-hop.”

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