Montreal Monday – Corinna Rose

Folk is back! Did it ever leave? Not as far as I know, but I am referring to folk in the mainstream! Mumford & Sons, The Lumineers and Laura Marling to name only three.

With that in mind, that is why you should listen to up and comer Corinna Rose!

Corinna Rose

Her debut self-titled debut EP from 2011 was four great folk numbers with a perfect balance of banjo (of course!), guitars and percussion.

Her new album, Northeast Southwest comes out this Thursday and coincides with the CD launch in Montreal (Club Lambi, 20:30, that is 8:30 for the non military time users out there).

It is streaming over at Midnight Poutine for your aural needs! (Be sure to check out the title track when you do listen…!)

My album review will follow in the not so distant future, but so far it sounds like the EP and then some, exploring some new avenues, and the addition of a prominent string section!

Check out Corinna Rose’s official site, Facebook and Twitter!

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