The aha moment when you realise how good a song is.

I find it takes a few good listens to appreciate an album, and very possibly a few more to have it grow on me (read: appreciate even more). Furthermore, listening to songs individually (even if listening to the entire album sequentially, hearing each song as its own composition), and that aha moment when I realise how good a particular song. A great feeling!

Recently off the top of my head it happened with Frankie Rose’s “Night Swim“. I had listened to the album as a whole a couple of times, but then made a playlist of various tracks I did not know too well, and that was one. The ‘aha’ moment hit! With its cool beat, bassline and surf guitar-esque sounds. I have really dug that song and her other single “Know Me” very much. The album is cool too, but I still have to give it a few more listens, perhaps tracks individually, and this time I mean it!

Another one, Elvis Costello’s “New Amsterdam“. Such a terrific tune, and the version that made the album (Get Happy!!), all instrumentation was performed by Elvis (Declan MacManus)! I liked it so much (and still do of course) I wrote a blog post about it a couple of months back (Current Elvis Costello song fixation). Not only did the aha moment hit, it can definitely give me chills down the spine, it is that good.

Similarly, from Get Happy!!, “Possession“. And do not get me started on how many great Elvis Costello tunes there are…!

Here’s to many more aha moments to come!

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