#SoundCloudSunday – Imogen Heap and her upcoming fourth album, Heapsongs

I am surprised I have not featured Imogen Heap on my blog in the past in a capacity beyond just linking to music videos. Regardless, SoundCloudSunday today is about her!

She is in the process of creating her fourth album (as of March 2011), and releasing each song as it is made. And not only that, she has been involving her fans as well. The first track, “Lifeline”, was created with the help of ‘sound seeds’ fans sent in of everyday sounds!

I could go on on how she is innovating, but I will just link to Wikipedia, as they have a good list of all her ‘Heapsongs‘ so far. The tracks vary considerably stylistically, including a collaboration with Deadmau5!

Take a listen and hear for yourself:


Imogen Heap:

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on YouTube
on Facebook
on last.fm
on Songkick
on Tumblr
official site

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And, once again, thanks for reading!


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