Audioslave – Man or Animal (killer song!)

At work today, listening to some tunes, and I delved into my Grooveshark ‘favorites’, second choice was Audioslave’s “Man or Animal”. From their second album, Out of Exile, it was not released as a single, and is one of my favourites from it!

The beat drives this song without a doubt, starting of with 8 bars of sixteenth notes on the snare and the bass drum at the start of each of the first four bars, followed by two bass drum hits per the next three, and four to get the song going before verse one (yes, I had to look at drum notation to figure this out correctly!). All played by Brad Wilk, who is a really sweet drummer in his own right.

Tom Morello’s guitar work plays a crucial role too, especially for the really cool solo he performs right after the bridge. Not to forget the guitar noise he makes to start the track, which works great!

Lyrically I would say it is not amazing, as some makes no sense, and I know of course that is the case with some lyrics, but ideally they make sense to the writer, and I am not sure these do in all cases. However the chorus is nice, and as a whole it sounds great! Perhaps a rant on lyrics/songwriting in the future.

All in all, a great song to crank to 11 (out of a volume scale of 15, we do want to hear in the future after all), from a great rock and roll record (produced by Rick Rubin I might add).


Or if you prefer Rdio, click (must be logged in):

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