Record Store Day 2013!

RSDvector_2013_thumbHappy Record Store Day 2013 everyone! Hope you managed to find some good goods!

With Record Store Day still going on probably from the UTC-6 time and west, assuming shops close at 17:30 local time, however no doubt in-store events and concerts will be on going today, and likely tomorrow!

I do not have much to add, but for those who want to window shop in front of your computer, here are some videos for just that!

Record Store Day 2013 preview #1
Record Store Day 2013 Preview 2

The first one has time coded links to what is in the video, the second, you are on your own unfortunately.


Garbage & Screaming Females in the studio recording “Because The Night” for their 2013 Record Store Day 10″ vinyl release.

Lastly, lots and lots of goodies and all the information for Record Store Day around the world at the official site:!

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