#SoundCloudSunday – TTJ (Tasha Taylor Johnson)

I know very little about TTJ at this point (I just stumbled upon her yesterday, thanks to this post over at Thoughts on Music!), besides being a jazzy, bluesy pop artist hailing from the United Kingdom. Based on the above track, the only studio recording on her SoundCloud, she sounds fairly poppy, but with jazz influence being at the forefront of her music.

It seems her album, Feed Your Ego, launches May 5, at the The Amersham Arms in Greater London.

And I did notice she seems to be involved in the theatre too, having been in Mamma Mia, Starlight Express, and Swing in We Will Rock You, among others!

I look forward to hearing how her full-length sounds!

TTJ (Tasha Taylor Johnson):

on SoundCloud
on Twitter
on YouTube
on Facebook
on Tumblr
official site

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And, once again, thanks for reading!

5 thoughts on “#SoundCloudSunday – TTJ (Tasha Taylor Johnson)

    • Actually, I think I may have clicked from your blog! I was clicking a lot yesterday, and just bookmarked stuff without reading!

      Read it now, and will give you credit!

      I’ll check it out when it’s out for sure!

      • I don’t need credit for that – it is not my music, was revealed to me in a way, so don’t even think about it!
        TTJ does need the props, however, and so all is good for you for doing that howsoever it came about!
        Sharing new music, but always responsibly, is what this all about I guess. It’s about the artist first and foremost.

  1. There should be some new comments and pictures on my blog, concerning Folk Weekend Oxford, during this coming week. This is a pretty traditional folk affair. Concerts, yes, but also all kinds of jam-sessions too!

    • Cool cool! Will check it out! And you never know, some bloggers like credit. I don’t mind it, if it warrants it, but otherwise, yeah, about getting the artists known for sure.

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