Coming Saturday: Too Much Music radio! (via Grooveshark Broadcast)

I just noticed today Grooveshark’s new Broadcast feature (I was wondering what they were advertising in the weeks leading up to today!). It basically allows anyone to play music (from Grooveshark of course), and broadcast it for anyone in the world to listen to, and it even has the ability to add your own sound snippets by recording directly into Grooveshark (although the limit is 30 seconds, but the number is unlimited). Read more at TechCrunch

Just like the above linked article mentions, I used to dabble with Shoutcast back in the day, even if it was just for fun (I did start a very short-lived radio show).

Better yet, I used to do an actual radio show at a campus/community radio station (CJMQ). And I would definitely like to do that again, on terrestrial radio. I have also plans for a podcast or two on a new website. In the meantime however, there is Grooveshark Broadcasts. An online radio show is not too feasible given broadcast restrictions over music on major record labels, as I would like to play established music. A similar podcast would be great for independent music though!

With all that in mind, Too Much Music radio is coming Saturday! I am testing the feature out now, and it functions pretty well, even including a preview feature while playing music. That being crucial while doing real radio on the fly (for segues, queueing and then some — my radio knowledge is a tad rusty!). My test show will be this

Saturday, April 27 at 18:00 PM EDT (22:00 UDT)! Lasting one hour!

I am not completely sure what I will play, but very likely it will be music that I have featured on this blog. Stay tuned!

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